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5 foot Power Gold Sluice


  1. Price $785.00
  2. This gold power sluice is made of high strenth alluinium ,Can be used anyware 100 feet from the creek or banks .It catches 95% of all gold ,#3 gold matting with 50 feet of one inch hose , An intake hose with all connections are quick connect ,It comes with a high volume 1 inch gas water pump and a gold pan

Mini Hoe Gold Trommel


  1. Price $6500.00
  2. This gold trommel is heavy enough to load with a mini excavator ,It comes ready to hook a water pump up and start mining

5 foot power Gold sluices is totally advanced and its recovery is around 95%


Made from Aircraft alluinium and the best

miners moss along with high lift alluinium riffles its 100% alluinium for very light weight

Price $245.00

Includes 5 foot sluice with  , gold pan everything you need to go mining for gold

Portable Gold Trommel


  1. Price $3700.00
  2. This unit is custom made to be taken down very steep banks or very rough terrane it can be pulled with a quad or by hand .It comes ready to run with a 4hp drive motor with a 100-1 reduction unit as well it all collaspes compact , It also has a 4 hp water pump so it built in sluice box will catch the gold as it runs , This unit is brand new and ready to run

5 foot hand Gold sluice


This hand sluice is made of high srenth alluinium with #3 miners matt and all alluinium riffles its 5 feet long and very light to pack

Custom Orders Available Apon Request


I can make any smaller trommels or sluices if you have your own ideas

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Mines For Sale


Alice Jowetts crown grant dated 1901

with veins exposed and assays up to 3 ounces per ton surface rights , timber rights are very rare

to find Price $75,000.00

Diamond drilling May 2018


Longyear 38 diamond drill will be heading up to the winslow mine to commence drilling June 1 2018 , Drilling out main new discovery is priority 1 with assays up to 19 ounces per ton is very exciting

D 6 Cat will be used to open up Winslow road 3rd week in May


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Davis 55 foot state of the art Gold Trommel Mary creek project