About Us

Drilling starts May 2018


High grade Gold targets will be drilled for the first time

Gold rock found 2016 Winslow Gold mine Zoomed 60 times


We are expecting very good results for our drilling

Davis Silver Mine


This mine in Silverton is the #37 biggest silver deposit in B.C


Gold Trommels for sale

C$ 3,700.00

(C$ 47.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This gold trommel will catch 97% even the finest gold made to be portable for walking or pulling with quad .It comes complete an engine runs a 100 to 1 reduction .This unit comes with a water pump and everything you need to start placer mining

Trout Lake B.C

Tram send supplies to mine


Drills,bits,wire,ore sacks


With long hard winters ahead alot of supplies are sent to all mines in production Silver Cup , Netie L , 

Women and men walking to mine sites via trails


Raw hiding ore with animal hides


Rawhiding high grade  ore was done at most mines in winter months as access was impossable for equipment

Trout Lake Barge Loaded with high grade Ore


Ore is in burlap sacks marked with miners number to send to trail smelter

Tunnel Winslow mine area